Friday Round Up

Sometimes only a mint julep can cure…

Oh boy has it been a week. I’ve been curled up in bed for most of it trying to get over an upper respiratory infection and persistent fever. Gross, I just feel gross. Thankfully I am feeling on the mend. I can even breathe from the right side of my nose. Hey, this week that is a huge accomplishment!

I have been able to catch up on a lot of reading…

  1. Coffee, how I love thee– When I lived in Nashville the area had a pretty vibrant coffee scene. I am so glad to read that it is continuing to grow and that one day I may be able to purchase my favorite Honest Coffee from the local grocer. WIN!
  2. Puppiesforall– When you are in a fever delirium all you need to focus on are puppies. Instagram provides all you could want if you follow @puppiesforall.
  3. Looking for a new Podcast?– It can be hard to find a worth while podcast to subscribe to! I understand. I have waded through more than my fair share of duds. This guide from NPR is a great resource.
  4. French paradox | it’s broken– I am a huge fan of french food. I indulge as often as is possible. I’ve been hearing for years how the French eat better, understand food better, and generally are healthier. Apparently our perceptions are grossly out of date.
  5. A jumpsuit– Not in a million years did I think I would ever lust after a jumpsuit. And yet, I lost count of how many times in the last two weeks I have clicked over to ogle this beauty. Sadly at $390 I will never click add to cart. ever.

Current Crush: Dog Rain Gear

I don’t know about you, but our little pup hates rainy days. Xiao only stands a few inches off the ground and even the shallowest of puddles can be daunting for him. It is the most pitiful thing you have ever seen. And I end up feeling like a terrible dog mom.


So I’ve been a little obsessed with finding Xiao the most fabulous rain gear to up his rainy day game! I mean, come on, you feel better when you are out in that pink trench coat or purple wellies, …admit it!

I’m torn though, so many options… (well, 3)

Rubber Ducky Rain Coat – This is one sweet little rain coat in a large range of sizes. I like the single strap around the chest so it doesn’t get in the way of “business”. Not to mention the coat comes all the way down his sides, not just covering his back and head. Currently $10.17 on Amazon.

BaxterBoo Reversible Nor’Easter Jacket– I love this one for the practicality of it. It is reversible with a lightweight waterproof shell on one side and the other side is a warm plaid fleece. It also has a light reflecting strip for late night potty walks. Currently $29.97 at Baxterboo.

L.L. Bean Trail Rain Jacket– L.L. Bean has been making quality outdoor gear for humans for  over 100 years. I trust them to make a quality garment for my dog. This one is lightweight, for your dogs comfort, and has an opening to add the harness/leash. Currently 29.95 at L.L. Bean.


Which do you think?


The Long Goodbye

The Dr. and I have begun the long journey to Wenzhou, China.  We left Tennessee yesterday and it was the hardest goodbye yet. Why? We left the dog. Xiao Chi didn’t have a successful surgery in July so he is going back for completion while we are in China. Hopefully by January he will be headed to China with us. I don’t mind telling you that I was crying and saying I missed him even before we left.

I'll sleep, you pack...
I’ll sleep, you pack…

We managed to get as far as Chicago last night. It was actually a great trip as fas as travel karma goes. The check in was smooth, and we had a lot of bags! The flight was quick with 0 delays. And then our cab got us to my sister-in-laws pretty quickly for Chicago traffic. Then travel karma kicked in. We sat on their stoup with 6 suitcase waiting for someone to let us in since we had been forgotten about. Sigh… It only started to rain in the last 10 minutes we were out there.

Now we have a day and a half to kill in Chicago before the 16 hour flight to Hong Kong (And no, that isn’t the last flight, that is just a 17 hour layover). What to do, what to do?

You miss me?
You miss me?

Skype the dog, that’s what I do.



Pushed Out

I’ve told my Boss that I plan on heading out with my Dr.H at the beginning of September. I have not officially handed in a notice though, so we are both in a limbo. I had hoped we could hire someone before I left so that I could help as much as possible to get them in the swing of things. It isn’t brain surgery, but it takes some getting used to.

Luckily one of my co-workers has turned out to be a really good friend as well. She lets me vent the crazies to her almost daily. Whether it is passport drama (ahem, on the phone with passport services for 30 minutes before speaking to a real human) or starting to feel like the boss would rather I just leave now.

That’s how I feel though. I think Attorney A can’t get in the mindset of I’m here but with a end time, but still longer than two weeks. It isn’t easy for anyone, but some handle it better than others.

His a photo of cuteness for you…

My little ball of cuteness
My little ball of cuteness

Expat Life: Round Two

So, the decision has been made. I’m packing up at the end of summer and heading out for another round of being a trailing spouse. This time it feels about 100 times different than last.

Last time we packed up it was two weeks after our wedding. I had just quit my first ever job and was getting on a plane to a country that not only had I never been to before, I hadn’t really ever wanted to go there. It’s true, I never longed to live in Hong Kong. Ever. Ever. Ever.

But it was a terrific year. I made a lasting, life-long friend. We were going, and still are, through similar life journeys with spouses in academia. 

This time I feel so much more confident about packing my life into two suitcase and jetting off. I’m not stressed about if I’m taking enough clothes or the right clothes (Hint, leave the evening gown at home). I’m not stressed about 30 hours of travel and flight time. 

This time we have a little one in tow though. That’s right, 12 pound of super cute puppy dog is packing up with us to move to China. I worry about how he will handle the place. How will handle walking on a side walk with a thousand other people instead of just his grandmother or other “camp” dog friends.