Mint- The Garden Bully

I took the snips to the mint because it was threatening to overtake the sidewalk and I’m sure from there it would be a matter of days before it also over took the car!


After a quick haircut it yielded about 10oz of good quality leaves. That was the star of our homemade mint chocolate chip ice cream.

The blackberries are providing a bowlful about every other day. And a scant handful to keep me fed on the daily walk with the dog 😉

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There are other things blooming in the garden as well. Lots of lovely things.

Mint: 10 oz

Blackberries: 1lb 4 oz



The First Harvest Of The Year

IMG_0035_2For the first time this year I have pulled food from the garden. I managed to pull 3 blackberries off the vines while taking the Little Emperor on his morning walk. The vines are absolutely loaded with fruit! I hope next time I’m posting about pounds instead of ounces.


Blackberries- .2 oz