I’m a wife, a dog-mom and an voracious consumer of coffee. All the random things of life and this blog are the things that make my heart full. The pitter patter of really little paws coming down the hall every morning, and the smell of a full, 12-cup pot of freshcoffee, -well, i’m not sure how it get’s better than that!

This blog is a living memory of the great recipes, and the more entertaining failures from my kitchen. A testament to how many pictures I can capture of my dog (a.k.a. Snack) doing adorable nothingness and my earnest attempt to pass along information I’ve usually learned the hard way about travel….and life (read: humility) as an expat, former expat, then expat again and finally former expat again!

Don’t take the blog to seriously, just grab a cup of coffee and try not to spit it out while laughing at the paw prints!


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