Friday Round Up

Sometimes only a mint julep can cure…

Oh boy has it been a week. I’ve been curled up in bed for most of it trying to get over an upper respiratory infection and persistent fever. Gross, I just feel gross. Thankfully I am feeling on the mend. I can even breathe from the right side of my nose. Hey, this week that is a huge accomplishment!

I have been able to catch up on a lot of reading…

  1. Coffee, how I love thee– When I lived in Nashville the area had a pretty vibrant coffee scene. I am so glad to read that it is continuing to grow and that one day I may be able to purchase my favorite Honest Coffee from the local grocer. WIN!
  2. Puppiesforall– When you are in a fever delirium all you need to focus on are puppies. Instagram provides all you could want if you follow @puppiesforall.
  3. Looking for a new Podcast?– It can be hard to find a worth while podcast to subscribe to! I understand. I have waded through more than my fair share of duds. This guide from NPR is a great resource.
  4. French paradox | it’s broken– I am a huge fan of french food. I indulge as often as is possible. I’ve been hearing for years how the French eat better, understand food better, and generally are healthier. Apparently our perceptions are grossly out of date.
  5. A jumpsuit– Not in a million years did I think I would ever lust after a jumpsuit. And yet, I lost count of how many times in the last two weeks I have clicked over to ogle this beauty. Sadly at $390 I will never click add to cart. ever.

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